Aastra and VDO Communications come together to present their new line of IP Phones. Presenting exceptional features and sleek design, these easy-to-use and comfortable IP phones offers enhanced voice clarity and performance. Browse through our selection of commercial technological devices.

$98.99 each

Aastra 6730i A6730-0131-10-05

The Aastra 6730i offers exceptional features and flexibility in an enterprise grade IP telephone.

$528.99 each

Aastra 6739i A6739-0131-10-01

Aastra 6739i Color Touch Screen IP phone with English text keypad and integrated IEEE 802.3af Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

$147.49 each

6731i A6731-0131-10-02

The Aastra 6731i offers exceptional features and flexibility in a enterprise grade IP telephone, with a sleek, elegant design and a compact footprint.

$189.99 each

6753i A1753-0131-10-01

Aastra 6753i IP Telephone

$249.99 each

6755i A1755-0131-10-01

Aastra 6755i IP Telephone

$279.99 each

6757i A1757-0131-10-01

Aastra 6757i IP Telephone

$289.00 each

6725ip OCS IP Phone A6725-0131-20-55

The Aastra 6725IP OCS Phone is a true IP phone that can operate as a standalone Microsoft Communications Server "14" endpoint.

$279.99 each

6735i A6735-0131-10-01

Aastra 6735i IP Phone providing dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

$304.99 each

6737i A6737-0131-10-01

Aastra 6737i IP Phone incorporates HD audio technology to deliver enhanced performance

$229.99 each

6721ip OCS IP Phone A6721-0131-20-55

Aastra 6721ip OCS IP telephone, optimized for Microsoft Communicator

$164.99 each

9143i A1733-0131-10-05

Aastra 9143i IP Telephone

$219.99 each

9480i A1735-0131-10-05

Aastra 9480i IP Telephone

$209.99 each

Aastra 142d Handset with Charger and AC 68743012

Aastra 142d Handset with Charger and AC

$209.99 each
$239.99 each

Aastra 610D A0000-68851013 610d

Aastra 610d DECT Handset

$319.99 each

Aastra 620D A0000-68850015

Aastra 620d DECT Handset

$549.99 each

Aastra 630D A0000-68849017

Aastra 630d DECT Handset

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