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Avaya Compatible Plantronics Accessories

Headset accessories from Avaya offer various quick features and adaptable designs. Great for remote desk phone control, phone accessories provided by VDO Communications assure reliability and easy maintenance and are adaptable with different brand technology. Scroll through our selection below and check product details for more information.

$59.00 each

Plantronics DA40 USB Audio Processor 71800-41

Maximize the value of Voice over IP communications with the enterprise-class, economical Plantronics DA40 USB-to-Headset Adapter. Ideal for enterprise offices meeting aggressive price point requirements.

$9.95 each

AC Adapter for Vista M22/M12 45671-01

Replacement AC adapter for Vista M22/M12 Amplifier.
$9.95 each

AC Power Supply 80090-05

Replacement AC Power Supply for Plantronics Wireless Headset Systems. Works with: CS55, CS55H, CS70, CS70N, Voyager 855, Voyager 815, Voyager 510S, Voyager 510-USB, and CA12CD.
$79.95 each

APA-2 (Alcatel) EHS 38348-01

The APA-2 (Alcatel) Electronic Hook Switch communicates electronically with the phone, eliminating the need for a HL10 lifter.
$79.95$63.33 each

Plantronics HL10, Right Angle Plug, Remote Answerer 60961-32

The HL10 completes your wireless headset system by allowing you to answer a call or hang up remotely. Designed to work with most single line and multi button telephones.

$79.95$63.33 each

Plantronics SAVI HL10, Straight Plug, Remote Answerer 60961-35

The HL10 completes your wireless headset system by allowing you to answer a call or hang up remotely. Designed to work with Savi Office and CS 500 series

$120.00 each

SSP2468-01 92468-01

**8 Week Lead Time** The CA12CD is a Quick Disconnect (QD) to USB adapter.

$7.95 each
$9.95 each

Plantronics Leatherette Ear Cushion 60425-01

Leatherette Ear Cushion for Encore, Supra, and Entera.
$4.95 each

Doughnut Ear Cushion 40709-01

Doughnut foam ear cushion
$14.95 each

Plantronics BlackWire Travel Case 85298-01

This travel case for the entire Blackwire series provides a secure and convenient travel option for your Blackwire product.
$20.00 each

30” 3.5mm QuickDisconnect Cable 63625-02

30 inch straight cable 3.5mm rt-angle plug to Quick Disconnect
$49.95 each

CA12CD Battery 80322-01

Replacement CA12CD battery
$74.00 each

Console Interface 68331-01

CA12CD console interface cable
$270.00 each

Plantronics PTT CA12CD Remote Unit 80323-01

Plantronics remote Push to Talk unit works with CA12CD Push to Talk adapter
$9.95 each
$4.95 each

Replacement Battery Door 26609-03

Plantronics 26609-03 battery door / side cover for M12, M22, MX10, and Vista amplifiers
$9.95 each

10' Extension Cable 40286-01

10 foot coiled male/female model connection extension cable
$45.00 each
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