$120.00 each

Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier Audio Processor 43596-40

Plantronics M22 amplifier brings superior sound-quality, acoustic protection and compatibility with those telephones that do not allow direct connection of headsets.

$59.00 each

Plantronics DA40 USB Audio Processor 71800-41

Maximize the value of Voice over IP communications with the enterprise-class, economical Plantronics DA40 USB-to-Headset Adapter. Ideal for enterprise offices meeting aggressive price point requirements.

$3.00 each

M12 Replacement Battery Door 26609-02

Replacement battery door for the M12
$100.00 each

E10 42598-01

Plantronics ACD Headset Adapter. Designed for Call Center applications. Provides the interface between the telephone headset and selected ACD phones.

$110.00 each

P10/2250 60288-01

Plantronics P10/2250 P10 Plug Prong Adapter for use with NT2250 Telephones.

$132.00 each

P10H 29362-02

PBX and ACD operators can enjoy the comfort and convenience of Plantronics technology with the P10H plug prong adapter with built-in high-gain amplifier. The P10H adapter works with your choice of Plantronics headsets so you can choose the style that best

$110.00 each

P10 29362-01

Plantronics P10 plug prong headset adapter/amplifier provides the interface between the headset and PBX switchboard or ACD telephone.

$150.00 each

MX10 Multimedia Adapter/Amplifier 43404-01

The MX10 Headset Adapter/Amplifier and Multimedia Switcher is used when you want to use a single "H" Series headset for telephone calls and computer applications. Switch between your phone and PC by pressing a single button.

$150.00 each

Plantronics VistaPlus AP15 Amplifier Audio Processor 79960-01

Optimized for particularly noisy contact center environments.

$150.00 each

Plantronics DA60 USB Audio Processor 63725-01

Bring digitally enhanced audio quality and the comfort of Plantronics headsets to VoIP softphones.

$120.00 each

Plantronics DA55 USB Audio Processor 63725-03

The Plantronics DA55 USB-to-Headset Adapter offers digital signal processing and echo suppression to ensure clear, contact center customer interactions.

$99.00 each

Plantronics DA45 USB Audio Processor 77559-41

The DA45 USB-to-Headset Amplifier and Audio Processor for H-Series Headsets

$39.95 each

Plantronics Modular Lock 45588-01

Fits into the modular sockets of Plantronics amplifiers preventing plug removal. Package of 25.
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